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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) & SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) systems are an integral and essential element in network and endpoint security.

SIEM – systems collect and store huge amounts of security data from security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, network appliances into one single system. SIEM systems can also aggregate relevant information from different sources and identify deviations from the normal or expected activity and can generate proactive alerts to initiate an investigation of an activity or to stop it.

SOAR – systems go a few steps further and work well alongside SIEM systems. SOAR can take alerts generated by SIEM and triage them and respond to them automatically, without human intervention.
This creates an end to end processes for threat detection & prevention.

SIEM & SOAR systems enable you to detect, analyze, and automate your security operations, saving you and your team valuable time and money so that you can focus on what’s important.
Choosing the correct SIEM or SOAR solution and implementing it can be a challenging task.
At Qmasters, we will guide you to the solution which will best serve your needs. 

Actively Search for Threats & Meet your Security Regulations

SIEM and SOAR systems assist organizations with the following use cases:

Active Threat hunting – This is the practice of actively seeking out cyber threats in an organization or a network. This is a tedious task of monitoring and analyzing huge amounts of event and network data, correlating them with other relevant activities, determining risk, and responding accordingly.
This includes external threats, as well as Insider Threats, which are much more difficult to detect and spreads across the following use cases:
     * Phishing emails investigation and response
     * Provisioning and Deprovisioning of users
     * Malware Containment
     * Alert Enrichment
     * KPIs and SecOps Automation
     * Patching and Remediation

SIEM and SOAR systems automate a vast part of these tasks and can automatically flag and handle only the use cases which are deemed important to the organization.

Compliance and Regulation – Organizations in all industries are required to meet compliance and security standards, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX. SIEM and SOAR systems help you minimize the efforts involved in these processes such as Real Threat Detection, User Identities Monitoring Data Protection, Log Auditing and Visibility, GDPR Logging and Auditing, Breach Notification, and more.


Qmasters, Hands-On Experience Made Available To You

We come from managing complex IT networks, including implementing cybersecurity solutions and managing SOC teams (read more about us). We know first hand the challenges you are facing.

When we come to recommend a certain technology, we examine and research it through and through: how the solution works, the added value it brings, feature-set and roadmap, ease of use, market demands, and more. 

We believe that technology should support and fit in with your business needs, as opposed to changing them. We bring our unique expertise and hands-on experience into this process so that each one of our customers finds the optimal solution for their business needs and gets the added value they came for. 

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