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What is a SIEM system, and how can get value from it?

The purpose of a SIEM system is to make sense of different logs in the information system. By providing real-time analysis of security alerts generated by all of the different logs from applications and network hardware, a SIEM becomes a centralized tool to manage and investigate alerts.

What does a SIEM do? SIEM systems collect and store huge amounts of data from security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and network appliances, into one single system. SIEM systems can also aggregate relevant information from different sources and identify deviations from the expected activity and generate proactive alerts to initiate an investigation of an activity, or to stop it.

According to Gartner, the three most important capabilities for a SIEM are threat detection, investigation, and response. And when a SIEM is integrated correctly, it can do just that!

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How can SOAR systems improve my security?

SOAR systems go a few steps further and work well alongside the SIEM. SOAR systems take alerts generated by SIEM, conduct triage, and respond automatically, without human intervention, creating an end-to-end, analyst-free, process for threat detection & prevention.

So, while SIEM systems enable you to detect and analyze alerts and security activity, SOAR enables you to triage and create automated responses to those alerts – saving you hundreds of hours in manpower, so your team can focus on the most important threats.

We know choosing and implementing a SIEM/SOAR solution is challenging, and that’s what we’re here for. We have worked with hundreds of enterprises, and we will help you find the solution that fits your needs.


  • Little time to investigate every alert leaves your system vulnerable to sneaky attacks
  • Lack of visibility because of scattered information throughout different tools and devices
  • Spend hours looking through different tools
  • Investigating each threat detected
  • Manually responding to every alert
  • Manually documenting every alert, per compliance
  • Manually sifting through all cyber and IT security tools for potential threats
  • Potentially non-compliant to security standard
  • Detect cyber-attack threats quickly, more efficiently, and begins investigation
  • Visibility into your entire IT environment through a single tool
  • Centralized alerts dashboard
  • Centralized investigation of all alerts (from all endpoints)
  • Creating automated responses and automated investigations
  • Automatically documenting every alert, without any manual work
  • Receiving automatic alerts from all endpoints, without needing to search for threats
  • Automatically compliant to security standards

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