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What is IoT (internet of things) security and how can I get value from it?

IoT security is comprised of tools and strategies to keep industrial control systems (ICS) safe.

What are IoT devices? Any device connected to the internet falls under the IoT security umbrella. From computers to data servers, biometric scanners, webcams, A/C units, access cards, and many more.

IoT security tools protect organizational devices from threats and breaches by identifying and monitoring risks, and highlighting vulnerabilities.

IoT device amounts differ by industry – some rely more heavily than others. Each industry will require different levels of IoT security, and the compliance standards that belong to that industry will dictate the minimum security to obtain.

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How does IoT security improve my security?

Lack of regular patches, poor IoT device management, and weak password protection are some of the main challenges that IoT security faces. In addition to that, there are insecure interfaces, unreliable data protection, and IoT skills gaps that cause additional stress on IoT security.

Securing your industrial control systems requires a 4-pronged plan: assess, converge, segment, and comply. A robust IoT security portfolio allows IT and OT security to protect devices from all types of vulnerabilities while deploying the security level that best matches their application needs.

With the right combination of policy and technology, you can minimize risk through a comprehensive threat detection and anomaly detection plan that operates 24/7 and provides visibility and actionable insights your team can understand.


  • New devices don’t always get connected
  • “Default” passwords throughout the whole system makes for easy targets
  • IoT devices are not always visibly connected to the rest of the network tools
  • Lack of industry compliance
  • Lack of integration between IT and OT creates lack of visibility leads to ineffective monitoring and exposed assets
  • Anomalies will be detected quickly and the IT/OT team will catch that activity in no time.
  • Proper password protection will eliminate breaches in the case of a manufacturer’s passport breach
  • Scanning of all OT network traffic allows for anomaly detection and alerts when needed
  • Meeting industry standards will protect you, and your organization in case of a breach
  • Providing IT and OT teams with the proper context leverages visibility and expertise to monitor assets

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