Network Security

Knowing who and what connects to your network is the first step to security it.

As the workplace is flooded with internet connected devices (including BYOD) and IOT devices, security specialists dont always know of newly connected devices and therefore are challenged with how to control the network access, on all wired and wireless networks.

Knowing which devices connect to our network and provisioning access based on roles maintains control over what users can do and also provides a benchmark for anomaly in user or device behaviour.


Qmasters, Hands-On Experience Made Available To You

We come from managing complex IT networks, including implementing cybersecurity solutions and managing SOC teams (read more about us). We know first hand the challenges you are facing.
When we come to recommend a certain technology, we examine and research it through and through: how the solution works, the added value it brings, feature-set and roadmap, ease of use, market demands and more. 

We believe that technology should support and fit in with your business needs, as opposed to changing them. We bring our unique expertise and hands-on experience into this process, so that each one of our customers finds the optimal solution for their business needs and gets the added value they came for.

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