Why QMasters

First-hand experience with Israeli intelligence and military guides our processes and tactics, leaving no stone unturned, and methodically analyzing each potential vulnerability a hacker might try to exploit.

That’s the Integrative Cyber Defense (ICD) Approach.

We take a holistic approach to create future-proof security infrastructure that can defend your company as it grows.
How? Through strategies, technologies, and policies custom-tailored to your company goals, smoothing the way business is done instead of interfering with it. We help you reinforce any and all weak areas, and maximize the existing strengths.

And if, or when, a breach occurs, we are right there to help you investigate, mitigate, and minimize the risk through immediate incident response.

We’ve served over 200 organizations, including Forbes 500 companies, governmental entities, international enterprises, and still-small-but-growing organizations. We’d be honored to help you, too.

Excellent Service
Holistic Approach
Tailor-Made Security

About us

QMasters was founded in 2015 to help Israeli governmental, military, niche security, and municipality offices protect themselves from cyber-attacks. As the cyber security threats grow year after year, so does our list of customers. We are a team of 30+ security experts committed to solving security challenges with the right combination of strategies and technologies.


We worked with QMasters on implementing and integrating IBM QRadar. They audited detection rules, logs and made a lot of improvements on our cybersecurity profile. I’m amazed by QMasters’ professionalism, and the unique insights they were able to share with us so we could feel a lot more confident in our cyber protection. They helped us improve our SIEM significantly and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for advice, help, or hands-on applications. They fulfilled our requests and met our needs with excellent and timely service. We get valuable consulting help time and time again, and we are happy to have such experts on our team.
Raul Z.
Information Security Team Leader CISSP, Cybereason
We’ve been working with QMasters’ QRadar and Carbon Black teams a few years now. In addition to providing smart solutions and their ability to move projects quickly, the QMasters team is a real pleasure to work with. We are thankful for their quick response, which is huge when it comes to cyber security. They will truly give you the best solution for your business need. I have a lot more peace of mind because of the work we’ve done with QMasters. Totally worth the investment! I would happily recommend to others.
Shiran S.
Cyber Security Incident Response Expert, WIX
If 2020 taught us anything, is that we are all vulnerable. With QMasters we were able to enforce our security and protect our organization from possible cyber attacks. They have a professional team that understands the business and adjusts the solutions to our demands. We are happy to work with such experts!
Michal G.
IT Security Manager, Keter

Frequently asked questions

What makes QMasters different from other cyber security companies? 

QMasters takes a custom-tailored approach to cyber security, combining our decades of Israeli cyber security experience and products with industry-proven policies and procedures, to create a security infrastructure that’s right for your organization. QMasters recommendations, integration, implementation, and custom development services allow clients to futureproof their cyber security infrastructure to handle tomorrow’s threats. 

Do I have to buy any products to use your services? 

No. While we offer a full range of cyber security products from leading global vendors, we can work with the systems you have in place. Our experts take a holistic approach to IT and cybersecurity services, delivering industry-proven strategies, tactics, policies, and procedures necessary to protect your organization. We will, of course, recommend specific cyber security products if we see gaps, but that’s not necessarily the case. 

How do you work with my existing systems?  

We maximize the value of your existing systems to create a comprehensive security infrastructure for business continuity, resilience, and protection. Or, if you’re ready to switch systems, we can set you up with something that will take your security forward. Our experts provide focused implementation, integration, and customized cyber security-focused development services to ensure your security reinforces your business. 

What is your specific approach to cyber security? 

We take a comprehensive approach to cyber security across the organization, starting with a deep dive into existing systems to find the gaps. Our integrative cyber defense (ICD) approach results in the implementation and integration of a variety of technologies, processes, and procedures to build a unified defense. We ensure our clients have everything they need to prevent cyber threats while minimizing effects on business operations.

What vendors do you work with?  

QMasters works with the top enterprise-grade cyber security products on the market from vendors like IBM, HP, Palo Alto Networks, CISCO and VMWare, among several others. Every product on our list has been vetted to ensure the highest levels of security for our clients, and we are always testing new products on the market. Contact us if you’re looking for a specific technology. 

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