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Endpoint protection is not getting any easier. 68% of organizations were victims of successful endpoint attacks in 2019 (according to Ponemon Institute), and 80% of these were zero-day attacks. According to the “Cybersecurity Business Report,” cybercrime damages are expected to cost the world 6 Trillion by 2021.

With Covid-19 almost everyone is remote and mobile, which only makes good endpoint protection a real necessity.

Advanced Threats Detection, Ease of Use, Minimal Maintenance

There are many endpoint protection solutions out there. So which one should you choose?

What we look for are new and advanced technologies, which can cope with zero-day attacks (especially ransomware and file-less malware. 

We also look for products that are easy to use and maintain and have minimal impact on the operating system.

Qmasters Hands-On Experience Made Available To You

We come from managing complex IT networks, including implementing cybersecurity solutions and managing SOC teams (read more about us). We know first hand the challenges you are facing.

When we come to recommend a certain technology, we examine and research it through and through: how the solution works, the added value it brings, feature-set and roadmap, ease of use, market demands, and more. 

We believe that technology should support and fit in with your business needs, as opposed to changing them. We bring our unique expertise and hands-on experience into this process so that each one of our customers finds the optimal solution for their business needs and gets the added value they came for.

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Carbon Black

next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR)


next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR)

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