Penetration Testing

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What is penetration testing (PT) and how can I get value from it?

Penetration testing, also known as an attack simulation, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

One of the main outputs of penetration testing is understanding where the vulnerability gaps are in order to patch and close the gaps. It could be anything from new devices being added to the network, to large gaps in password security, firewall malfunctions, and lack of protection against email security due to simple misconfigurations.

The value comes from finding the weak spots in your security system.

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How does PT improve my security?

Understanding vulnerabilities is the first step to patching and closing the gap. Every organization must know where its weak spots are in order to improve and strengthen security. When an organization isn’t aware of any blind spots, it means not only are they not protected, but they don’t have a clue as to where to look in the case of a breach.

There are many types of penetration testing, and in additional to an manual penetration testing assessment once per year, we recommend continuous penetration testing that checks your systems 24/7, because checking your systems once per year is not enough.


  • You know you have weaknesses in your security system, but aren’t able to pinpoint them creates a gap in security
  • Conducting manual, thorough penetration testing once per year to make sure everything works
  • Producing a threat assessment on cloud and on premises can be a tough process
  • Understanding the full attack paths through manual testing can be costly and take time
  • Understanding where weaknesses lies provides the opportunity of closing the gap through other means
  • Conducting continuous testing 24/7 on every app and system on your network provides immediate insights and prioritizes risk based on network activity
  • A consolidated view of your complete infrastructure creates transparency and visibility to understanding the most urgent mitigation needs
  • Continuous monitoring allows attack paths to be discovered quickly, and checked again and again

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