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Security Consulting

Our Security Consulting Services take a comprehensive and holistic view to understand your unique technology environment and to develop strategies, solutions and techniques to meet the ever-changing threats of our modern world
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Integration & Solutions

Our team of security professionals work with you to design, architect, plan and implement, affordable, robust and hardened information security systems and solutions, with the best technologies, to meet your exact requirements.

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Incident Response

Incident Response Services specializes in investigating intrusions and targeted attacks performed by advanced threat groups. Our consultants use proprietary technology and creative investigation techniques

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With our cutting-edge security operations center, we are able to monitor and manage your security 24/7/365 and to take action to any potential threats, thereby limiting damage, potential data loss, interruptions and reducing risks and potential liability for your organization.

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Who We Are ?

QMASTERS – Information Security company, specializing in Consulting, Implementation and Integration of Information Security Products.

QMasters was founded in 2015 by Menachem Tauman and Gregori Nazrovsky, both highly experienced experts in Cyber and Information Security.
With decades of experience in consulting, project management, IT integration and working with a wide range of companies from many sectors, including the Israeli Government, Menachem and Gregori formed QMasters to address the ever-growing security demands.
QMasters has quickly established itself as a leading Information Security company, both in Israel and internationally, specializing in consulting, implementing and integrating of security products and solutions. From security audits and assessments, through to network security monitoring, QMasters covers the entire spectrum of task required to keep our clients secure.

When it comes to products, QMasters utilizes and represents only the best and proven technologies available in the Cyber and Information Security field. A core area where we have built extensive capabilities is with the IBM QRadar suite of products.
Every client has a unique environment and every day, security threats are evolving which is why we tailor each and every solution to match the needs of each customer. Our team is comprised of some of the smartest and most dedicated professionals to their area of expertise and we are constantly researching new products and solutions to stay ahead.
Our commitment to quality and service excellence is why our customers view us as true value add partners and trust us with their networks and data security.

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Menachem Tauman

Menachem Tauman

Co Founder & CEO

Menachem has 18+ years’ experience in providing high-level system and network administration, including extensive knowledge in complex cyber- security and project management. He has worked with organizations of all sizes in multiple verticals including capital markets, banks and insurance.
Menachem also has proven experience in defining, managing, optimizing and maintaining highly sensitive IT systems, plus extensive know-how of regulations and protocols including ISO, PCI, DSS, Sox and more.

Gregory Nazrovsky

Gregori Nazrovsky

Co Founder & CTO

Gregori has more than a decade of experience working as an information security expert in the fields of security infrastructure, Cyber Security and SIEM.
Gregori has worked with organizations of all sizes to protect their data, both in the private and government sectors.
Gregori is a seasoned professional in managing large and complex projects, and specializes in building information security solutions and finding creative and effective answers to challenges.

Our customers


CYBERTHREAT Intelligence Platform

Solarwinds produces some of the most advanced and robust IT management tools available today; from network management, to IT security and even cloud monitoring tools. The Solarwinds security and compliance software normalizes log data, helping you to spot security incidents quickly, perform advanced forensic analysis and to take real-time remediation.
IntSights delivers accurate cyberthreat intelligence and incident mitigation in real time. Automatically detect threats and aggregate intelligence, then perform advanced analytics with the built-in proprietary algorithms and finally, take action to eliminate the threats with one-click remediation.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Prevention

Secdo Causality Analysis Engine™ combines, historical, thread level endpoint visibility to automatically investigate any type of alert. With real-time analysis of how any endpoints were compromised, action can then be taken to remediate the issue with surgical precision. With clear visibility, taking preemptive measures is also fast and simple.

Recording Agent & PIM

Eliminate internal threats by recording users’ actions. With the ability to record 1000’s of concurrent user sessions, keeping track of employees both locally and remotely is possible. TSFactory is also ideal for monitoring contractors, compliance, training and evidence collection.

Network Security

IBM® QRadar and X-Force security products and solutions are some of the best, tried and proven offerings available today to deal with the ever-growing advanced threats facing us today. With enhanced network visibility and granular control applications, keeping your network and data is simple and secure.
Check Point have been security industry leaders for decades. The Check Point range of solutions cover the entire network from next generation firewalls, to end-point security, including public and private cloud, as well as mobile security.
Aruba provides some of the most advanced security solutions to deal with the security challenges across any multi-vendor, wired and wireless network. Aruba solutions provide visibility, policy control and workflow automation in a single cohesive solution for secure connectivity.

Mail and Data Mapping & Protection

Forcepoint solutions provide a systems-oriented approach to detecting insider threats, including cloud-based user and application protection through next-generation network protection, systems visibility and data security. Forecpoint is constantly evolving to match the demands and threats of today.
Proofpoint provides advanced email security products to deal with email threats and to ensure business continuity. Proofpoint also protects mobile apps and social media accounts, plus their solutions allow for users to share large files securely, while protecting the integrity and sensitivity of the information.
Organizations typically protect the sensitive documents they are aware of, but all to often, out-of-sight documents are left unprotected and vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands of insiders or hackers. DocAuthorty solves this by automatically discovering and classifying documents, plus offer simple remediation to reduce risks
Imperva solutions protect cloud applications, web applications, websites, crucial databases, Big Data repositories and more, from outside and insider threats. Some of their most popular solutions include, Incapsula and SecureSphere against DDoS, as well as ThretRadar and Counterbreach for data and breach prevention.

Cloud Security

Avanan solutions connect to any SaaS to provide powerful cloud security with malware protection, data leakage prevention and email security. Avanan is ideal for applications such as Office 365, Gmail, Citrix Sharefile, and hundreds of other SaaS products.
SkyFormation is a cloud access security broker (aka CASB) platform.
SkyFormation augments your existing SIEM/SOC systems to provide secure cloud services. Packed with features and tools, SkyFormation provides outstanding visibility and boosts cloud security.
Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) enables the automatic discovery of cloud application use and then analyzes the risks and enforces suitable controls for production and SaaS applications including Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and many more.