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What is email security and how can I get value from it?

Email continues to be the dominant method for doing business, which makes it a prime target for cyber-attacks. Spam, phishing, spear phishing, and business email compromise are the door openers for hackers into an organization and can cause attacks such as malware, ransomware, credential theft, and fraud. 

Many times, employees aren’t trained on the risks of improper email use, or how to decipher a normal email from a malicious one. The right email security solution makes it easier to ensure your organization's email security is intact. Making sure your organization’s employees are aware of potential malicious emails helps, but even the most experienced professionals can be the victim of phishing and malware.

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How does email security improve my security?

As mentioned earlier, email is a popular choice for cyber-attacks for several reasons. In short – it is easier to trick someone into clicking on a link than it is to find a loophole of an organization.

To ensure your organization isn’t a victim of email threats, an email security solution will comprise of tools and processes depending on your organization’s security level. The email security solutions we recommend balance password authentication (MFA), secure logins, DLPs, email filters, automatic scanning, spyware protection, and email encryption, etc. before an email ever reaches an end user at your organization.


  • Employees often share passwords, reuse passwords, or keep default passwords
  • A spammy email might request a sensitive document from an employee, and the employ leaks data accidentally
  • Accidentally opening malicious email attachments can happen to anyone
  • An email security tool would require changing passwords, strengthening login information and minimizing the risk of compromising accounts.
  • Email protection will likely filter spammy emails, and mark outside email domains as higher threats, so that someone sending sensitive information out is prompted and potentially blocked.
  • Automatic attachment scanning prevents malware delivery and suspicious attachments by removing emails before they reach the end user.

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