Custom Development

Transforming Your System Visibility

Connector application development based on security platforms, such as IBM QRadar, provides rich, continuous and formatted data. These applications can vary from a simple connector that fetches new events, to complex applications that include multiple screens and dashboards. This is especially useful for organizations with custom requirements, complex processes, and many logs outside the SIEM. The cybersecurity development team transforms your visibility and management of cyber security solutions into something much more integrated and practical.

Clear Investigations Faster with Custom Automation

Utilizing custom automation capabilities on XSOAR systems significantly lightens the team workload. By automating incident response and reducing the amount of alerts, your team will be able to focus on the alerts that matter most. With custom cybersecurity development for your specific requirements, playbooks, and IR processes, your team can save hundreds of hours of manpower, and clear more alerts in less time.

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What To Expect

  • Maximize the value of existing technologies
  • Unify SIEM and SOAR operations
  • Automate incident response and reduce analyst workload
  • Go from manual to automated with custom applications
  • Integrate all business activities into the SIEM
  • Investigate alerts faster with implemented IR processes

other services we offer

Take individualized security to the next level with custom application connectors for your SIEM/SOAR system, so you can integrate every data source, and automation capabilities for XSOAR systems intended to automate incident response processes, allowing your incident response team to focus on the most pressing alerts.

why companies choose qmasters

Our seasoned cyber security teams have built government strategies, military tactics, and Fortune 500 security programs from scratch. We have the knowledge and tools to help you, too. 
As former CISOs and CIOs, we understand the challenges your organization faces. We’ve implemented, improved, and analyzed IT and cyber security programs for more than 200 global organizations. That experience, helps us help you.
As technology aficionados, we are always up-to-date on the latest tools on the market, and let you know if something’s right for you. We are constantly improving processes, fine-tuning tactics, and using the latest innovative methods to protect you from any new threats. Let’s cut through the noise and get you the tools you need.
Excellent Service
We pride ourselves in excellent service 24/7/365. Our dedicated project manager ensures projects are on time, on budget, and on target, and we provide full access to the project’s JIRA dashboard. We are ready to answer your questions and offer solutions to your challenges.
Holistic Approach
Our integrative cyber defense approach means that we take a look at the big picture, as well as the small details. Our goal is to maximize security, and minimize changes to your day-to-day processes, using the right strategies and tools to meet your business requirements and goals.
Tailor-Made Security
We specialize in one size fits one, because each organization requires different strategies and tools. Let’s take a strong approach to solve your organization’s unique challenges head-on.

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