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What is secure gateway and how can I get value from it?

Secure gateway refers to a barrier or checkpoint that keeps unauthorized traffic from entering an organization's network.

When it comes to secure gateway, the best perimeter security is one that relies on zero-trust. In comparison to VPN access, zero-trust security access is a holistic approach that allows employees, partners, contractors, and customers to enter the network through user authentication, device authentication, and trust rules.

Secure Gateway is designed to give the user the power to connect many different applications, and across multiple protocols and security configurations, without having to compromise or navigate the security policies of various networks.

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How does secure gateway improve my security?

Secure gateways provide 3 main benefits: 1) removes a lot of the headache and bureaucracy surrounding different security policies in multiple networks, 2) allows granting access to specific resources within minutes, with the opposite being true as well – it can remove access within minutes, and 3) can enforce new policies or revoke existing ones, with zero network down time.

Creating a safe gateway for your network connects users, applications, and data safely. It ensures the right access to the right user/application through automatic, or manual, rules, and alerts your team when an anomaly arises.

The combined benefits range from less IT management time, to quicker access removal, to reduce changes of potential breaches and noncompliance risks.


  • Users accessing any URL pose a threat to downloading malicious applications or reaching infected websites
  • Traditional network security wasn’t designed to be cloud-friendly
  • Users are able to access, download, or upload documents, applications, or tools on the company network.
  • Work from home policies mean users are accessing applications from home and on the go
  • Secure gateway inspects web requests and scans and filters internet-bound traffic.
  • The right gateway security solution will work in line with cloud and traditional network security methods, providing a holistic bridge to close the gap.
  • Reduce exposure by granting each user explicit access to specific applications
  • Secure gateway tools allow granular access to applications for authorized users anywhere.

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