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What is cloud security and how can I get value from it?

Cloud security refers to the combination of technology and processes used to protect cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure from cyber threats.

The right cloud security plan integrates compliance standards and follows NIST’s five pillar of cyber security framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Every organization should assess their security preparedness, and take preventative and recovery measures for their systems.

With the right cloud security solution, you can gain visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure, continuously monitor for misconfigurations, ensure security policy and compliance enforcement, and proactively detect and prevent threats.

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How does cloud security improve my security?

The industry you operate in, as well as the type of data you need to secure, will dictate what level of cloud security you need.

A holistic approach helps you identify the proper tools needed to prevent data loss in your cloud platforms and cloud architecture, and a proper cloud security framework outlines the policies, tools, configurations and rules needed to protect that data.

Together with an in-depth analysis of your business requirements, we’ll help you create a framework with clear steps to establish a cloud policy that you can review, update, and monitor regularly.


  • BYOC or BYOD can put an organization in lack of compliance, risking large financial repercussions
  • When IT teams are overwhelmed by lack of visibility, they miss key security indicators
  • Lack of visibility due to decentralized data
  • Incident investigation is a challenge due to short-lived containers
  • Cloud security solutions that comply with standards protect your organization against these risks, and ensure sensitive data, including intellectual property, is at lower risk for theft
  • Cloud solutions continuously monitor your cloud security posture, so your team can focus on other projects.
  • Centralized container security provides better visibility with actionable insights
  • Increase visibility into forensic evidence with modern container security that doesn’t trash evidence when a container is terminated.

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