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What is cyber intelligence and how can I get value from it?

Threat Intelligence is the art of gathering raw information about cyber threats and turning it into meaningful information, which helps determine the right response. The sources for such information can be open media intelligence, technical intelligence, dark-web intelligence, and more. Digital businesses can make themselves more resilient with strong cybersecurity threat intelligence tools and strategies.

There are three overarching types of threat intelligence. Understanding how each type can provide valuable information brings us to the complete picture.
  • Technical intelligence which can be used to identify threat actors, like IP addresses, hashes or file names.
  • Operational intelligence, which provides background information about the motivation of threat actors, including their methods and strategies
  • Strategic intelligence, which provides context about the associated risk of cyber threats

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How does cyber intelligence improve my security?

The cyber intelligence solutions we recommend are strong solutions that provide granular views of your cyber security threats, so you can take action and prevent a potential incident. With 24/7 continuous threat intelligence, and automated investigations, your team can focus on the alerts that require manual investigation or intervention.

Having a proper cyber intelligence solution in place allows your organization to be proactive, rather than reactive. It allows you to gather information about every piece of your system and build actionable insights from a holistic perspective.

To get the most out of cyber intelligence tools, it’s important to understand each tool’s use cases as it relates to your specific business requirements. That’s why most organizations use professional services when it comes to choosing and implementing cyber intelligence solutions.


  • Constantly using reactive strategies to catch up on security alerts and threats
  • Every alert requires individual investigation and manual understanding of the context
  • Manually reviewing and triaging every alert that requires attention
  • Cyber intelligence provides threat assessments 24/7 and flags suspicious activity
  • Using a cyber intelligence tool allows the system to gather information about every user and activity, so your team doesn’t have to do that manually
  • Automatic sorting and triage means the right team member will receive an alert once it’s gone through automated investigations or automated playbooks, saving hours for your IT team.

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