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A data and AI

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System is a complete hybrid cloud on-premises platform-in-a-box. Its preconfigured, high-performance environment is designed to drive insights and speed innovation.

Built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, the system combines storage, compute, networking and software into plug-and-play nodes, so you can scale to meet your business needs. A single intuitive dashboard helps simplify software and hardware management.

Simplify deployment

Scale to fit your needs

Unify asset management

Overcome data silos

Drive data, AI workloads

Get use cases in a box

key features

Accelerate onboarding

Unite data and AI services with a single system software interface. IBM Watson Studio, IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog and other services are included.

Adapt to data science workloads

When you face new infrastructure and workload changes, reuse data and models for decision optimization and explainable AI as you evolve AI use cases.

Speed model deployment

Bring models to production more rapidly. Increase performance with system-tuned machine learning and deep-learning libraries.

Reduce manual effort and technical debt

Automate AI lifecycle with system and software integration. Help reduce costs and risks associated with legacy analytic tools.

Optimize AI and cloud consumption

Deploy plug-and-play nodes with pay-as-you-grow capacity. Help simplify, secure and govern AI deployment with trust & transparency across clouds.

Gain containerized management efficiency

Modernize data science workloads natively in Red Hat OpenShift to help reduce infrastructure management costs.

Flexible architecture can be deployed on-prem or on cloud

Offers multiple deployment options to meet a variety of needs. The solution can be delivered as hardware, software or virtual machines for on-premises or IaaS environments. Start with an all-in-one solution or scale up to a highly distributed model across multiple network segments and geographies.

Highly scalable, self-tuning and self-managing database

Enables customers to focus on security operations instead of system management and helps reduce the total cost of ownership. A self-tuning and self-managing database can scale to support the largest organizations without requiring dedicated database admins.

Infographic: IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

IBM Cloud Pak for Data System at a glance – by the numbers, benefits and capabilities.
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