Cybersecurity breach can never be anticipated. Data breach in recent years has caused irreparable financial damage not to mention reputation. An average total cost of data breach, according to IBM, stands at $3.92M.

QMaster holds, operates, maintains and updates in real-time 5 system operating centers at the highest standards. Ensuring highest optimization, intrusion detection and prevention technologies as well as Incident Response Plan services 24/7/365.

Grounding all of this with our guaranteed SLAs for complete peace of mind.

QMasters SOC and Service Level Agreements Solutions Include:

  • Detailed logging
  • Firewall and network equipment security monitoring, management and maintenance
  • Application monitoring
  • Network optimization
  • Threat detection, mitigation and thwarting
  • Access management control
  • Incident alerts and responses
  • Detailed reporting
  • And more…

Tap into a knowledge base of predefined use cases and corresponding detection rule-sets. Furthermore such use cases can be preloaded into Enorasys SOCStreams Response Orchestration platform and matched with triggered alerts from the security monitoring infrastructure, providing security analysts with a centralized repository of the background of a security event, clear steps to follow for verification, recommended actions and flow enforcement.

The security monitoring platform is one of the most important technology components. However many organizations acquiring such technology do not utilize the platform’s capabilities at full and in many cases the technology itself becomes a major stumbling block for providing even the basic security monitoring. Our expertise in use case development, deployment and operations of security monitoring platforms allows us to assist you in fine tuning such systems and enable you to maintain operational levels.

Efficient security monitoring is the ability to enforce streamlined processes for incident handling and security monitoring while providing the necessary tools and platforms to achieve targeted response. Multiple technologies might be required to provide the necessary information and context for assisting the operators to evaluate and respond to potential security incidents and not get lost in the diverse data and information presented to them. With Enorasys SOCStreams Response Orchestration and its Adaptive Threat Response engine integration in your SOC, security operations are enhanced in a very short period to a maturity level where actual value can be achieved from the security monitoring process.

Training is provided by skilled security analysts who have been exposed into real day to day operations of a SOC and have a proven record of incident handling training provided by internationally known organizations. Offensive training is also provided in order to provide the basis of understanding how a potential adversary is operating.

Without the appropriate metrics in place it is not possible to monitor the effectiveness and maturity of the SOC. The only way to develop and mature the security monitoring capability is by constant review of key performance indicators to identify where deficiencies exist and optimize the relevant process. Our SOC blueprint and orchestration platform comes with a plethora of building KPIs making your SOC performance measurable from day one.

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