Cybersecurity breach can never be anticipated. Data breach in recent years has caused irreparable financial damage not to mention reputation. An average total cost of data breach, according to IBM, stands at $3.92M.

QMaster holds, operates, maintains and updates in real-time 5 system operating centers at the highest standards. Ensuring highest optimization, intrusion detection and prevention technologies as well as Incident Response Plan services 24/7/365.

Grounding all of this with our guaranteed SLAs for complete peace of mind.

QMasters SOC and Service Level Agreements Solutions Include:

  • Detailed logging
  • Firewall and network equipment security monitoring, management and maintenance
  • Application monitoring
  • Network optimization
  • Threat detection, mitigation and thwarting
  • Access management control
  • Incident alerts and responses
  • Detailed reporting
  • And moreā€¦

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