Qradar Open Mics updated 2016

 Members of the IBM Security QRadar Support and QRadar Architecture team met with customers to discuss: Searching Your QRadar Data Efficiently.
 Our goal is to provide insight on how QRadar works and to teach on-going sessions that help both users and administrators understand, maintain, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with their QRadar Security Intelligence system.

https://twitter.com/AskIBMSecurity –  @AskIBMSecurity

# 01  Qradr SIEM 7.2 Event Architecture Overview  – Download

# 02  Qradr SIEM 7.2 Flows Overview  – Download

# 03  Qradr SIEM 7.2 is the Windows Event Collection Overview  – Download

# 04  Qradar of Installations and Upgrades: Best Practice  – Download

# 05 Qradar System Notifications & Error Messages – Download

# 06 Qradar Searching Your Qradr Data Efficiently – Download

# 07 Qradar Let’s talk about assets – Download

# 08 Qradar Let’s talk about ‘Rules and Offenses’ – Download

# 09 Qradar Let’s talk about Qradr 7.2.5 – Download

# 10 Qradar Let’s talk about Logan Source Extensions – Download

# 11 Qradar Let’s talk about the QRadar 7.2.6  – Download

# 12 Qradar Using AQL in Advanced Searches – Download

# 13 Qradar Log Source Protocols – Download

# 14 Qradar Ask Us Anything! – Download

# 15 Qradar 7.2.7 Feature Discussion – Download

# 16 Qradar Let’s talk about apps & extensions – Download

# 17 Qradar Support Forum Migration and WinCollect – Download

# 18 QRadar 7.2.8 Features  – Download

About qmasters

QMasters was founded in 2015 to help Israeli governmental, military, niche security, and municipality offices protect themselves from cyber-attacks. As the cyber security threats grow year after year, so does our list of customers. We are a team of 30+ security experts committed to solving security challenges with the right combination of strategies and technologies.

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