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Today a large part of the daily job is done through collaboration tools like Slack, teams, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace etc., this created a big security exposure. Collaboration tools enable Internal and external business flows to be dynamic and fast changing so much so that it becomes impossible to manually map and protect corporate data in them using the current existing rule-based tools.

Imagine the company has a new partner , and then immediately you have new data workflows to that partner through slack channels, how do you enable these flows while protecting your data.

Reco is a unique solution that automatically maps these dynamic business and data flows using metadata, then using Ai algorithms on this mapping identifies in real time data security and compliance issues to help mitigate them.
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Discover Shared Assets

Reco maps sensitive business processes and interactions to discover the data assets that flow through collaboration tools. Whether that’s a customer ticket with sensitive information, data sent on the wrong Slack channel, or a file shared with the wrong user, Reco protects your business.

Collaboration Map

Reco’s proprietary AI technology dynamically maps business interactions within your collaboration tools, and identifies sensitive assets shared. This provides the context behind every user action, and accurately uncovers incidents that are specifically relevant to your business.

Context-based Detection

Forget static rules that need to be monitored and updated as the business changes, grows, or adds new applications. Reco’s AI engine protects sensitive assets shared via collaboration tools, while using dynamic context-based detection that never has to be maintained or configured.

Immediate Value

Connect your collaboration tools in minutes to receive out-of-the-box insights on which of your assets are at risk. No need to spend months installing agents, classifying data, and creating static rulesets.

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Save 40% of your security team's time & reduce alerts by 99%.

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