Incident Response Plan

The reality is that most enterprises will suffer a cyberattack at some point or another. Having a cybersecurity breach constitutes 50% of the outcome. The other 50% is how you respond to it. A thorough experience based incident response plan will drastically reduce the harsh consequences of a cybersecurity breach.

Based on vast experience, our team of experts have developed a systematic methodology to create and incident response framework with military precision and actionable response. This includes managing incidents, investigating and quantifying the type, nature and extent of the event so that together we can systematically resolve all issues and return to regular routine ASAP.

A post event investigation is conducted at full length to prevent future events of the same nature.

QMasters Incident Response Services Include:

  • Consulting and developing a detailed IRP
  • Assessment of existing IRPs
  • Physical security audit
  • Assembly of an IRT (Incident Response Team)
  • Staff / team training and practicing responses
  • Intrusion investigation
  • Forensic auditing, quantification and root cause analysis
  • Fixing the issues, restoring backups, etc.
  • Communication plan
  • IRP testing and optimization

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