Choosing a Password Manager For Your Business

Password Manager. Sounds simple, right?


Well, it’s a small step that makes a big impact on your company’s cyber security level.


While there are many password tools to get your company’s password cyber security in order, we recommend you look into the following three items (among the many other important ones) before making your choice:

  • The ability to share use-access with others in your organization without sharing view-access
  • Confidence that your passwords will indeed be protected. Don’t be shy – ask about their security procedures!
  • Security alerts. You definitely want to know if there’s a suspected breach.


Like in everything else in life, you must do your research if you want the best results.


If you’ve experienced a company breach you KNOW the importance of a password protection tool.


If you don’t think your company is the target of any cyber security attacks, please re-think that strategy. Because you could just as well suffer the effects of a secondary attack.


If you don’t make sure your business is protected, no one will.


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