Case Study: Oil & Gas Company

“After working with QMasters for 3 years I can say they are completely trustworthy. If I get an email that we need do this upgrade or configuration change because it’s important, no questions asked. They wouldn’t say it unless it were important.”

Guy, Senior Information Security Analyst, International Oil & Gas Company

Quick Summary

A renowned oil and gas company owns two main natural gas installations in Israel, the largest energy installations in the country. They were unable to use agent-based software to monitor and control their operations due to issues with permissioned Windows-based terminals. A quick solution was needed to meet regulatory requirements, as well as meet safety standards for the company.

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About qmasters

QMasters was founded in 2015 to help Israeli governmental, military, niche security, and municipality offices protect themselves from cyber-attacks. As the cyber security threats grow year after year, so does our list of customers. We are a team of 30+ security experts committed to solving security challenges with the right combination of strategies and technologies.

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