Case Study: Financial & Investment Company

“We are an extension of the security team for the client, not a substitute."

Noam, Information Security Engineer, QMasters

Quick Summary

An established financial services company with a variety of investment vehicles was experiencing authentication problems with their internal IT systems. Employees were having trouble with login timeouts and the help desk was overwhelmed with calls as they tried to deal with the issue. The Network Access Control (NAC) system was designed to defend the company's network security, but it was yielding so many false alerts that employees couldn’t access the customer accounts. QMasters reviewed all settings and configurations, and updated the log rules to reduce false triggers, but this felt like an unnecessary compromise between availability and security.

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About qmasters

QMasters was founded in 2015 to help Israeli governmental, military, niche security, and municipality offices protect themselves from cyber-attacks. As the cyber security threats grow year after year, so does our list of customers. We are a team of 30+ security experts committed to solving security challenges with the right combination of strategies and technologies.

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