Turnkey Security Integration Solutions

Every day, more and more security products as solutions enter the market, but deciding which is the best for your organization and implementing it correctly can be a challenge. In complex and high availability environments, there is no room for error.

At QMasters, we have assembled a team of security experts that are specialized in designing the optimal solution for each unique environment. With a clear view of the architecture and the products to be used, we develop a detailed project plan and change control processes so that integrations take place, quickly, efficiently and seamlessly. Our methodical and structured approach ensures that the right solution is integrated correctly the first time and performs as expected.

Through firsthand experience, we have identified the best and leading security products, which our team is trained and skilled to implement, plus we are constantly evaluating new products to identify cutting edge technologies that are robust and scalable. Whether you need a new firewall, intrusion detection / prevention system, or a complete overhaul of your existing cybersecurity products, QMasters can handle it all.

Our Integration Services and Solutions Include:

  • Network management and security monitoring
  • Web & Cloud security
  • Firewalls, switches, routers and appliances
  • IDS / IPS implementation
  • Malware protection
  • Email security
  • Access controls and policies
  • Encryption and VPNs
  • Threat control solutions

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