Incident Response

The reality of the world we live in, is that at some time or another, your business will be met with security threats; some attacks may be successful in disrupting your operations and others may not. All incidents, successful or not, big or small, must be investigated and steps taken to stop any ongoing attacks and to prevent any similar future attacks. Having an effective and well-planned incident response plan and strategy reduces costs and downtime and potential damage to a company’s reputation.

At QMasters, we have developed a systematic incident response framework that we tailor and adapt to your unique needs to form your IRP (Incident Response Plan). Like a well-prepared military exercise, relevant stakeholders must be briefed when a breach or attack takes place, and then the necessary resources and processes must be deployed to respond accordingly and take action.

Our incident response services team is equipped and experienced in dealing with and managing incidents, including investigating and quantifying the type, nature and extent of the event. We then work with your team to take the necessary actions to return to normal operations.

QMasters Incident Response Services Include:

  • Consulting and developing a detailed IRP
  • Assessment of existing IRPs
  • Physical security audit
  • Assembly of an IRT (Incident Response Team)
  • Staff / team training and practicing responses
  • Intrusion investigation
  • Forensic auditing, quantification and root cause analysis
  • Fixing the issues, restoring backups, etc.
  • Communication plan
  • IRP testing and optimization


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