Custom Development

We develop connector applications for security platforms (i.e. IBM® QRadar®), deliver custom Cortex™ XSOAR integrations and execute development projects with a strong cyber security orientation

Our Custom R&D Services Include:

  • Connector application development based on security platforms, such as IBM’s QRadar, which aims to provide rich, continuous and formatted data. These applications can vary from a simple connector that fetches new events, to complex applications that include multiple screens and dashboards.
  • XSOAR integrations – our developing team works with the XSOAR teams to provide complex, unique integration to SOAR products for customers. Our team has developed countless integrations for different security software to enable more efficient threat analysis and optimization of existing security products.
  • Developing projects with strong cyber security orientation – these projects have no specific schema and can be any developing project in the realm of cyber security, which requires expertise and industry knowledge.

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